We made it!

My apologies for the lack of posts leading up to our departure.  The last few weeks have been a mad rush trying to prepare ourselves for two weeks out of the country.  But now that we’re here in Barbados, I’ve finally got the time to catch up (and the inspiration, thanks to the beach view!  Ahhhhmazing,)


This is the view from our room, at night. It’s amazing.

Here’s a recap of the last few weeks:

Saturday April 26th, 2014: I started my injections of Buserelin.  Buserelin works by telling my brain to stop the production of natural hormones that control the release of eggs from ovaries (other hormone treatments will later be used to stimulate ovulation). I started with 50 units (0.5ml) on the syringe.  The syringes for this injection are tiny little insulin needles, and I honestly barely feel them.  These injections go in the stomach.  I learned quickly that sitting is definitely smart, because standing resulted in some woozy mornings.  I do not stomach medical stuff very well (as in I can’t make it through an episode of Grey’s Anatomy without shielding my eyes and getting nauseous).  I’m glad I got to “warm up”  with these, as they diminished my intense anxiety of all the future shots!



Wednesday April 30th, 2014: I took my last birth control pill!  The clinic put me on birth control the month prior to IVF since we needed my cycle dates to be very specific.  Who knew, after all this time, I’d go on the pill to get pregnant!

Monday May 5th, 2014: I had a Follicular Ultrasound at my normal OB/GYN.  The doc reported that my uterine lining looked nice and thin, and I had about 30 follicles ready to produce some eggs!

Tuesday May 6th, 2014: The start of the Ovarian Stimulating Drug Regime.  I began my injections of Menopur (225 iu, or 3 vials) and Clexane (40mg syringe), reduced my Buserilin to 3 units (0.3ml), and started taking one baby aspirin a day (75mg).  The Clexane is a blood thinner that will help with embryo implantation and reduce risk of miscarraige.  It comes in pre-filled spring loaded syringes.  They look very scary, but really aren’t too bad.  These go in the stomach as well.  After the medication is injected, the site burns for about 10 minutes,  The Menopur is much more fun.  Each vial contains equal amounts (75 IUs) of 2 kinds of hormones: FSH, which helps increase egg production; and LH, to assist with ovulation.  In a nutshell, Menopur helps to stimulate multiple follicles (as your body naturally only utilizes one per month) and hopefully produce lots of mature eggs!  To do these injections, I have two needles- one big, one small.  I use the big needle to mix one vial of sterile water with 3 vials of powder medication, and once everything is safely in the syringe, I switch the needles and put on the smaller one to inject.  My doctor instructed me to inject these in my thigh.  I have fairly muscular legs, so this one terrified me (my stomach is MUCH softer!) but i found that the outer thigh actually didn’t hurt at all.  I heard horror stories of how badly the Menopur injections stung, but I didn’t feel the medication at all! I’m so very happy that these injections are tolerable, and I kind of feel like a bad ass after doing them 🙂





Side effects so far:

Hot flashes (it was snowing in Colorado before we left, and I was running around in a tank top and shorts. And still sweating.)

Very minor nausea following injections (I don’t think this was medication induced, but rather my natural response to needles.)

Bruising! Once the Clexane injections started, my blood was thinned and all of the injections started leaving bruises.  Last night, even the spot I pinched on my stomach left a big golf ball size bruise.  While not exactly helping my looks in a bathing suit, at least the bruises aren’t especially painful.

According to my husband, I have been “emotionally stable”- which, I’m sure, is a relief on his part!

I feel really good.  Bloated, but I expected that and brought only stretchy, flowy clothes.  I know that feeling good might not last for long, so for now I am enjoying the IVF process and hoping everything continues on just as smoothly.


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