Barbados Day 2

Wednesday May 14th, 2014

On our second official vacation day, we decided to take part in a highly recommended activity: Ted’s Island Tour.  Ted is the son of the hotel owners, and for the last 30 years he has been providing tours on his own bus.  He takes his group around the island and through all of the major parishes (there are 11).  The island of Barbados is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide.

We wanted to venture out of our hotel for the more “active” adventures early in our trip for a few reasons; so we can choose where we want to go later in the trip, and in case I start to feel like crap and don’t want to get that far away from a comfy bed.  For now we are just waiting for my follicles to grow, grow, grow!

The tour started at 10am, and I got out of bed at the very last second possible.  After a quick shower and my Buserelin shot, we ran downstairs and met up with the rest of the tour group.  We jumped on the bus and Ted happily greeted us and hit the road.  Here are some pictures from our day:


Our first stop- an amazing bakery.




Ted behind the wheel.


IMG_0172 (Copy)

St. John Parish Church

IMG_0165 (Copy)

St. John Parish Cemetary


Downtown Bridgetown

Sunbury Plantation

Sunbury Plantation


When we got back to the hotel, we took it pretty easy and just made sandwiches in the room for dinner, soon followed by an early bed time.  Great second day!

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