Barbados Day 5 & 6- and Trigger Shot!

Saturday May 17th, 2014

Trigger shot day is here! After egg retrieval being pushed back to Monday to allow for one more night of the stimulating meds, we’re finally administering the HcG shot to release (hopefully) tons of mature eggs!

IMG_0397 (Copy)


The shot itself was a walk in the park.  I’m just SO happy to be done with the Menopur! Mixing that stuff is the pits.

That night we stayed in, since I had to take the HcG at EXACTLY 9:15pm.  The hours to follow were a little stir crazy.

IMG_0383 (Copy)



IMG_0394 (Copy)


We finally tucked ourselves in for bed.  In our room by 9pm on a Saturday night? This is definitely not our typical vacation!  We’re loving it 🙂


Sunday May 18th, 2014

I desperately wanted coffee.  We found that a few hotels down, there was a coffee shop (NOT easy to find in Barbados!)  We wandered down there, and after enjoying an iced latte we ventured around the hotel grounds.  We found an awesome life sized chess board, and had entirely too much fun playing a couple of games.

IMG_0402 (Copy)


The rest of this day was fabulously lazy, just resting up for the egg retrieval the next morning!


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