Barbados Day 12- Transfer Day!

Saturday May 24th, 2014

We woke up with such relief to make it to this day.  Strangely enough, the five days leading up to this were the most stressful part of the process.  The fate of our future babies was in the hands of the lab.  And while we both had complete trust in them, we knew we’d feel better once the embryos were transferred back.

We were scheduled for transfer at 11:30am, and asked to show up at 11 to make sure that my bladder was very full (to help with ultrasound accuracy).  I had a 1.5 liter bottle of water ready to go, and I figured I would start drinking around 10 to get it all down.  The clinic ended up calling and asked if we could move the transfer time up to 10:45.  So, without hesitation, I started chugging. And chugging. And in 15 minutes, I’d barely come up for air, but my bladder was well on its way to FULL.

We trekked down to the clinic and they took us right back.  The usual procedure (undress from waist down, legs up in stirrups) except this time Randall was invited into the room.  Dr. Skinner arrived, and discussed our embryos with us.  We confirmed that we wanted to transfer two embryos, and the embryologist handed Dr. Skinner the catheter through a drive-through-window type setup.  We watched on the ultrasound monitor as the catheter was placed.  She said, “now watch!” And we saw two beautiful bursts of light pop up on the screen.  We could see the little fluid sacs that held the embryos.  It was amazing.


And as quickly as it had started, it was over! I laid on the table for about ten minutes, then the lights came back on and I got dressed.  We were told to take it somewhat easy, but there wasn’t a need for bedrest.  Just no heavy lifting, hot tubs, or alcohol.  Easy enough!

We walked back to our hotel and went and got cheeseburgers.  We enjoyed the rest of our day, and hoped our babies were settling in for the long haul 🙂


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