Barbados Day 7- Egg Retrieval Day!

Monday May 19th, 2014

Egg Retrieval Day!

We woke up nice and early to get to the clinic in time for my 9:45am retrieval.  I checked in at 9:15, and they immediately took us back so I could change.  I was instructed to bring warm socks so I brought my pin-up girls along for the ride 🙂





Once Dr. Skinner was ready for me, they had me empty my bladder one more time and then I was taken into the “theatre” room.  The nurse was on my left, and Dr. Skinner came in and sat on my right.  While the nurse was getting things set up and talking to me, Dr. Skinner snuck up and put my IV in.  She told me I’d probably taste something funny in my mouth.  And I was OUT.  Seriously, less than 30 seconds from peeing to sleeping.  And the time travel began…

Around an hour later, I woke up in another room with Randall by my side.  The first thing I wanted to know, of course, was how many eggs did they  get?

16! I was totally thrilled with that number and passed back out for a bit.

The nurse called us a driver, and from that point forward, I had a very fuzzy afternoon.  I slept for HOURS and honestly don’t even remember much from that night.  I was expecting to be in a lot more discomfort than I was; I was just kind of crampy and sore.   I was just so happy to get the egg retrieval over with and to find out how many fertilized the next morning!



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