Barbados Day 8, 9, 10, 11- Embryo Updates!

Tuesday May 20th, 2014

We woke up to a phone call from the embryologist.  She was excited to report that 12 of our 16 embryos had fertilized!

Wednesday May 21st, 2014

Another morning phone call told us that all 12 were still looking great!

Thursday May 22nd, 2014

This mornings phone call wasn’t as great.  We had 5 “great” looking embryos, but the remaining 7 were falling a little behind.  However, since there were 5 remaining, it was decided that we would do a 5 day transfer (yay!)

Friday May 23rd, 2014

No phone call this day.  They don’t check on the embryos on day 4.  So we decided to indulge in a catamaran cruise since our time in Barbados was running out. We snorkeled with turtles and shipwrecks, swam in gorgeous turquoise water, and pretty much just soaked up every second of Paradise while trying not to stress about our little embabies.

IMG_0481 IMG_0484 IMG_0488 IMG_0502

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