Leaving Barbados…for Now

As we wrapped up our two weeks in Barbados, I knew that our time spent there would be cherished forever regardless of our IVF outcome.  We were so lucky to spend our two weeks of treatment in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations I’ve ever visited.


Here are just a few of the reasons why we were so in love with this little island:

The people.  The Barbados locals are so friendly, so accepting, and more than willing to help you out and give you advice on places to go, restaurants, etc.  We never got the feeling that we were being judged for being tourists, or treated differently (even though I fit the bill, with my camera around my neck and constant fascination with everything.)  Everyone that worked at our hotel (Coconut Court Beach Hotel) remembered our names, our regular orders, and our room number.

The Barbados dollar is a 2:1 exchange with U.S. currency.  So even though Barbados isn’t a U.S. territory, they still accept the U.S. dollar almost everywhere.  Prices are also listed in Barbados, so you get to cut the price in half! Compared to the other travel destinations we’ve visited (Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii, Canada) we felt that this was the most affordable travel destination we’d been to.

Transportation.  Barbados is a small island. They have a public bus that circles the island, and there are also privately owned “Z” cabs (white vans with maroon stripes).  Both of these will pick you up at bus stops, and for $2 Barbados ($1 U.S.) you can get pretty much anywhere on the island. Once we figured out how it worked, we utilized it almost every day.  So easy, and only $1/ride!

Water.  While drinking water may not seem like a big deal, when we’ve traveled to places like Mexico in the past, it starts to become annoying that you can only drink bottled water (and ice!). Barbados tap water is naturally filtered through limestone so it is safe to drink out of the tap.  And it tastes good.  And when you’re taking LOTS of hormones on a hot island, drinking lots of water is a must 🙂

The quiet!  I still can’t understand how the beaches we would visit could be completely empty.  We often had miles of sand entirely to ourselves.  Too good to be true.

The beaches.  The crystal clear turquoise water is stunning enough to make you want to stay forever.  I’ve never been so content in my life than on those lazy afternoons, floating in the warm Caribbean waters surrounded by tropical fish and silky white sand at my feet.  Paradise.


b4 b5 b3 b2 b1

And obviously, our fertility center.  Every time we visited, it was one step closer to fulfilling our baby-making dreams.  We loved the staff, who always took great care of us.  One of my favorite memories of the trip was our daily walk down to the beach to say Hi to our “babies”.  After egg retrieval, we made it our nightly ritual to send good vibes to our embryos and let them know we were here for them.  (Typing that out, it sounds completely insane.  But it was our “thing” that made us feel better.)  One night (the third after egg retrieval), we’d had a busy day.  When we climbed into bed at 10pm, I panicked when I realized that we hadn’t gone to see our babies.  Randall didn’t hesitate to jump out of bed, strap on his running shoes, and run down the beach.  It was one of the sweetest things I think I’ve ever seen.   He got back (9 minutes later!) absolutely drenched in sweat.  He said, “Don’t worry babe, I said Hi to the kids and blew them a kiss.”  So cute.


We know we’ll definitely go back, if for further fertility treatments or just another vacation.  Oh, how I miss it already!


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